Property Strategy Systems Masterclass

BRAND NEW! 12-week Online Masterclass covering the 5-Key Areas of Property Strategy and how you can Systemise them in order to create a property business that creates you Freedom, Money & Time

We will take you 'under the hood' and share in detail with you the Tomes Homes structures, systems & processes that enable us to go on holiday every 6 weeks.

Available start dates:

  • w/c 1st October 2018 - SOLD OUT
  • w/c 5th November 2018 - SOLD OUT
  • w/c 14th January 2019 
  • w/c 18th March 2019

Once you have signed-up (using the link below) we will contact you to confirm your choice of start date  

Over the 5 modules we show you how to create the systems to across every area of your property business:

  • Sourcing & Acquisitions: consistently attract the right type of deals to you, and how to ensure they legally complete with your minimal involvement
  • Funding: consistently attract the right type of investment to you (in a legal way that complies with FCA regulation) and ensure that you have BOTH the Deals AND the Funding at the same time
  • Delivery: deliver on multiple property projects efficiently without your constant involvement
  • Financial Management: ensure you have a scalable and financially healthy business that can sustain itself through both the good times and bad and ensuring you can sleep well at night!
  • Team: find, grow and retain a team that you enjoy working with so that you don't have to do everything yourself!

Overview of the modules & classes covered on the Property Strategy Systems Masterclass...

How does an Online Masterclass work?  

  • Every week for 12 weeks, 2-3 new classes will be released for you to attend
  • The video tutorial classes will be released every week on a Monday
  • You can attend these classes at a time that suits you during the week around your current schedule 
  • The course is designed to be flexible around your life, but also to keep you pushing through the individual classes on a weekly basis. Say for example you have a very hectic week, you could miss a week and catch up with two lots of classes the following week.  
  • You can attend from anywhere in the world, and in any environment that suits your learning (from your office, to your living room, to a sun lounger!) - all you need is a WiFi connection
  • There will be between 1-2 hours of lesson time each week (depending on the specific module & classes) 
  • The course is 12 weeks, but all the videos will be available to you for 16 weeks in total - so you have time at the end of the course to catch up on any of the classes you may have missed, or rewatch any of the classes  


There are...  

  • 5 Modules 
  • With 27 classes
  • Over 20 hours of in-depth, detailed systemisation content specifically for property investment businesses  

Property Strategy Systems Masterclass is designed to:  

  • Give structure to your property business accross the 5-key areas of Property Strategy
  • Remove any mystery around 'Systems', 'Leverage' & 'Processes' and what this means for a property business so that you know the DETAIL of how you do this!  
  • Remove any confusion about what systemising a property business actually means so that you know what you need to do to systemise yours!

How is the Property Strategy Systems Masterclass different to the Property Strategy Workshop?  

The Masterclass and the Workshop have been designed to complement each other, but they do both also work as stand alone courses.

Property Strategy Workshop – the big picture 

  • The workshop is a 1-day (7 hours) event that covers how all the different areas of strategy interlink and what they mean to your property business (using Strategy on a Page as a framework). 
  • We link Vision, to market positioning, and then into the different areas of strategy and how your Vision breaks down into your long, mid & short-term strategy 

Property Strategy Systems Masterclass – detail!

  • The Systems Masterclass is nearer to 3-days worth of content (over 20 hours) and is very in depth detailed coverage of the 5 different areas of property strategy (Sourcing & Acquisitions, Funding, Delivery, Financial Management & Team)
  • There is much more tactical detail on how you set up the systems and processes within these different areas – see attached visual overview.


Is Property Strategy Systems Masterclass for me?  

This Online Masterclass is for you if you agree with any of the following statements...

  • You are an experienced property investor looking to professionalise & systemise your investing
  • You are a new property investor looking to get a head start on setting up the right systems & processes to be able to successfully scale
  • You wanted to create a property business that would give you Freedom & Time, and it feels like you may have created yourself another job!
  • You don't want to be involved in the day-to-day tasks within your property business and want to find out how systems and teams can help you to do this with minimal headaches  
  •  You are looking to strategise your business and want more detail of how the 5-key areas relate to property specifically
  • You want to leverage the work of another property investment business who has spent 1000s of hours systemising so that this can be as simple as possible for you

Any other questions? Please drop us an email to and we'll get back to you! 

Whilst the Property Strategy Systems Masterclass is a BRAND NEW Online Training Programme, training others in Property Strategy is far from brand new. Here is what some of my previous Property Strategy clients have said about the work we have done together on their property businesses...

"I now know how to fast-track my business to get to exactly where I want to be and, most importantly, why I'm doing it! 

Thank you Jackie, I'll be telling everyone they HAVE to do your course - even if they think they have a strategy, they very probably don't!"

Rebecca Smith – Rebecca Smith Property Services  

Strategic focus for multiple businesses  

“We have tried a number of different methods to help get some clear direction and strategic focus for our multiple businesses and working with Jackie is the one thing that has given us clarity as well as a tangible process to follow which is completely repeatable.  

Jackie is a great listener, intelligent and insightful and gives good advice as well as keeping us on track. We highly recommend working with Jackie.”  

Kevin Poneskis & Caroline Benson

Save 1000s hours of wasted time  

"I attended Jackie’s training two years ago. At the time I found the training freed my mind, gave me total clarity on where I should, and also should not be focusing. I cannot explain how liberating this is!  

Two years later the benefits of the training continue to compound. Having known what to say yes and what to say no to has saved me 100s if not 1000s of hours of wasted time. This has meant I’ve completed more deals and also had more free time to spend with my family (the reason I stated in property in the first place!) thank you Jackie!!"  

Sarah Nuttall, Edward Milton Property  

100% 28 Day Money Back Guarantee 

If after 28-days on the course you don't feel you are getting excellent value, then we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee